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Walker Flat, South Australia    

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Month-by-month extremes recorded since 27 May 2014.

Records for the month of January
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature High --- °C ----
Temperature Low --- °C ----
Temperature Minimum Highest --- °C ----
Temperature Maximum Lowest --- °C ----
Temperature Range Highest --- °C ----
Temperature Range Lowest --- °C ----
Apparent Temperature High --- °C ----
Apparent Temperature Low --- °C ----
Wind Chill Low --- °C ----
Heat Index High --- °C ----
Humidity High --- % ----
Humidity Low --- % ----
Dew Point High --- °C ----
Dew Point Low --- °C ----
Rainfall Rate Highest --- mm/hr ----
Hourly Rainfall Highest --- mm ----
Daily Rainfall Highest --- mm ----
Monthly Rainfall Highest --- mm ----
Dry Spell Longest --- days to ----
Wet Spell Longest --- days to ----
Gust Highest --- km/h ----
Speed Highest (10 minute average) --- km/h ----
Daily Wind Run Highest --- km ----
Pressure Highest (MSL) --- mb ----
Pressure Lowest (MSL) --- mb ----

The information provided herein is for informational purposes only and is not guaranteed to be accurate in any way. Do not make any life threatening decisions either directly or indirectly based on the information herein, no responsibility is accepted for any injuries, accidents or other incidents whether fatal or non-fatal, as a direct or indirect result of actions taken based upon the information herein.
Please refer to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology for the official weather and forecast.

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