Walker Flat, South Australia    

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Click on the links below to other weather information applicable to South Australia and Walker Flat.


Weather Sites
Bureau of Meteorology Australia (Offical weather forecasting agency)
Forecast Murray Bridge
Observations Latest Pallamana (Near Murray Bridge)
Radar Loop Buckland Park 128 km
Radar Loop Sellicks Hill 128 km
Satellite Images
Mean Sea-Level Pressure Analysis Latest
Mean Sea-Level Pressure Analysis Short-term forecast
Mean Sea-Level Pressure Analysis Forecast next 4 days
Gradient Level Wind Analysis 00UTC
Gradient Level Wind Analysis 12UTC
Other Weather Websites
Walker Flat (from Weatherzone)
Walker Flat (from Willy Weather)
Walker Flat (from Elders Weather)
River Murray Data Websites
Live River Data Home (from Water Connect)
Live River Data Walker Flat (from Water Connect)
Live River Data Plot Walker Flat (from Water Connect)
Daily Flow Report for the River Murray (from SA Water)
River Murray Flood Information (from SES)
River Murray Updates (News from DEWNR)
River Murray Flow Reports (from Water Connect)
Emergency Services SA (For Murraylands District)
CFS Fire Bans (Click on Murraylands or 6 on map for info)
CFS Warnings and Incidents (Walker Flat is Region 3/Murraylands area)
Storm Chasers (Not specific to South Australia)
Bureau of Meteorology Storm Spotters Handbook
Oz Storm Chasers Facebook
South Australian Storm Chasers Facebook
Data derived from Satellite Imagery
Winds & Analyses
MTSAT Satellite
Global Moasaics
Wave Tracking Winds
Total Precipitable Water
Other Cyclone/weather Related
Australian Severe Weather, Tropical Cyclones
Weather Underground (Tropical Weather & Hurricanes)
Other Weather sites
Wind Map Australia (visualization of global weather conditions)

The information provided herein is for informational purposes only and is not guaranteed to be accurate in any way. Do not make any life threatening decisions either directly or indirectly based on the information herein, no responsibility is accepted for any injuries, accidents or other incidents whether fatal or non-fatal, as a direct or indirect result of actions taken based upon the information herein.
Please refer to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology for the official weather and forecast.

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